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Protectionist approach of parents and its impact on children

The bond of mother and father with their child is very unique and compassionate it has different beautiful colors which defines the growth of child heading towards his /her youth and one day became an adult. There are different approaches of parents they opt during the upbringing of their child some are inbound and most of them are gathered from their respective environment in which they live. Mostly, it is noticed that parents adopt the nature of being over –protective and trying to do everything very sequenced, and 100% correct like without any flaw.

In this whole process, they themselves don’t know where they are heading towards, they always want everything perfect and secure for their child. All these aspects followed by many parents and this is known as “Protectionist framework”. It is itself vulnerable to criticism from a liberal, egalitarian vantage point for undervaluing the interests that children, like adults, have in liberty, dignity, and freedom from coercion. Because the protectionist framework remains the prevailing lens through which questions of children’s status are interpreted however, it is important to consider the protectionist justification for parental rights.

Now, one question always stand out in this situation, “what’s wrong in protecting my child?” Here, we have to understand the duties of parents and to what extend! Parental duties are introduced in every countries law, in order to reduce the mortality rate of infants, develop high cultural values in upcoming generation, training the child
for their future by introducing the sense of do’s and don’ts and overall development of kid to be became a good citizen with high moral values. However, some parents start taking as their power on child, sometimes they misuse them as well hence impact the life of child negatively.

Let’s discuss about the impact on children whose parents has adopted Protectionist

  1. Child became very shy and never know to take his /her decisions
  2. Lack of responsibility
  3. High level of nervousness example – stage fear
  4. Never ready to face the harsh reality of world
  5. Always trying to seek attention in order get support
  6. High level of dependency on parents
  7. Low mental and physical growth( some cases)
  8. Aggressive nature
  9. Social Dumbness
  10. Highly introvert and lack of confidence
    These are some basic impacts we have listed but there are many more vigorous
    impacts seen on over –protected children, majorly we would like draw attention of the
    parents that provide your child care not security and let them feel free in controlled
    environment, keep checks where needed but don’t overwhelm your dreams on them.

They are your nearest and dearest one, provide them healthy lifestyle which should include exercise, good nutrition, study, and sport (child wish) along with their hobby. Last but not the least became “Light which shows them the right path…….”

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