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For the age group 5 - 17, bone-loading activities can be performed as part of playing games, running, turning or jumping.



This module focuses on learning Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) of Locomotion, Stability, Object Control, and Awareness. This program deals with aspects of ballistic movements (short burst speed) to maximise on the first speed window of a child.


This module marks the introduction of FSS (fundamental sports skills). This program focuses on AMS. On the foundation of physical fitness the programs are designed to discover and develop Sporting skills that help in identifying one’s potential and talent .


This module is focused on ASS ( Advanced sports and fitness skills). It focuses on building a strong aerobic base and strengthening. This module is for children/athletes who through training are getting aligned to a sport owing to their skills, talent and continued practice.
Build-Up upUgo Module
11-17 years


The module trains to participate competitively at qualifying platforms (school, college, state, national, international) and isolates the focus in the chosen sport. All aspects of the chosen game are addressed along with a focus to maintain a rigorous level of physical, mental and emotional balance.

School Younglings

In this module we design, teach and deliver age-appropriate sports/fitness related programs for children in 3 to 5 years age category. The primary focus is to expose the child to basic locomotor skills, postural control skills, grasping/manipulative skills and reflexes.
Younglings upUgo Modules
Goal Line upUgo Modules

Goal Line

The module focuses on sport specific fitness It delivers programs focusing on strength, stamina, mind/body awareness, correction, dribbling skills, stability and speed.

Cover Drive

The module focuses on sports specific fitness and on coordination, essential skills of stroke, bowling and fielding athleticism besides addressing , conditioning and form correction.

Weightloss for Children

Finding your child's right weight goal and the Customised Fitness program. Doing it together - Getting the rest of the family on board. Starting small Modules of Habits formation and transformation for parent and child with the counselor Weekly Nutrition Tips with no diets and supplements for kids.

Posture Correction

Posture is about far more than looking confident and poised. Sitting or standing in the right position makes sure our bodies function properly. Here we will look at posture and how you can improve yours by attending our demonstration session.
mental Wellness upUgo

Mental Wellness

The program focuses on improving and nurturing the mental health of children aged 10-16 years, with an emphasis on developing critical life skills through different modules. The modules are imparted in a story-telling method with real-life examples which children can connect with.
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