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Our Trainers

Sagar Das

Strength and conditioning specialist

  • Divisional powerlifting Runner up
  • 5+certifications in weight training
  • 4 years of experience in fitness industry

Krishnan N

Youngling trainer

  • level 4 qualified trainer
  • certification from FEA Asia
  • 5 years of experience in fitness industry

Deep Singh

1on1 specialist trainer

  • certificate in multi sports training
  • Former 2nd Division cricketer
  • 5+ experience in sports and fitness industry

Arpitt Gupta

Lead coach

  • Accredited from Cricket Australia
  • Sports Management Rajasthan Royals
  • 6+ experience in sports and fitness industry

Our Customers

" I have been with Upugo for the last 1.5 years now, and it's been a good experience and it has helped me with my fitness journey... The coaches are well trained and have a sound knowledge.. My trainer Suchithra, has been v helpful and understanding to clients needs and plans the workouts accordingly, targeting each part on different days. Overall, its a good way to stay fit if you r not able to make it to the gym or go for a workout outside. "
Mithila, Banglore
" I had enrolled my son Maithreya.S (11 yrs old) for the online fitness program in UpUgo. We had tried multiple online fitness classes but they were not professionals, When I browsed and got UpUgo details They always started on time (if there's even 5 min delay a substitue coach would come to fill in that time), hence there were never shorter sessions. Coach was very patient and friendly with kids, that made the kids to go the extra mile or do a bit more to stay fit. My son loved the coach so much that he even wanted to join upUgo class as that timing only suited him 🙂 exerices were made as fun activity. "
Anita, Chennai
Parent of Maithreya
" The personal trainer from upugo was extremely professional and always before time for the sessions. He was very knowledgeable and changed the routines every session which kept me interested in learning new equipment and excercises. He understood my weaknesses and pushed me in the right way to achieve mh goals. Thank you very much for your effort. "
Sampada Thakkar, Banglore
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The Exercise-Study Balance: Ways to Make it Exam-Friendly

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