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The Exercise-Study Balance: Ways to Make it Exam-Friendly

Children frequently find it challenging to divide their time during exam season so they can fit in both study and exercise. While engaging in strenuous workout routines may leave them exhausted and sleepy, skipping exercise altogether prevents them from reaping its many benefits during this stressful period. Here are some ways in which you can help your child strike a balance between their exam preparations and routine exercise.

1. Reduce the Hours

Before the examinations, You may ensure that your child spends a maximum of one-hour exercising on the days before exams. Physical activity will help de-clutter and de-stress their mind. Your child may engage in mild exercises such as brisk walking rather than strenuous workouts that deplete their energy.

2. Avoid Strenuous Arm Exercises

Guide your child to avoid games or exercises which rigorously engage their arms, which may cause cramping. The pain may affect their ability to write well during tests. It is advisable to avoid such exercises two days before the examinations.

3. Use Audiobooks When Guilt Sinks In

If your child refuses to exercise because they feel guilty the moment they leave their study table, you can try to convince them to use audiobooks while they exercise. While not all subjects support the use of audiobooks, your child can use the ones that are available to revise and exercise at the same time.

4. Exercise-Time = Break-Time

Breaks between studying are essential for improving information retention. Encourage your child to treat their one-hour exercise session as a time for relaxation and recreation. Instead of spending time on social media, which adversely affects their attention span, exercising can be a welcome change that will enable your child to focus on their preparation and boost their confidence.

Examinations are stressful times for both the child and the parent. Do not forget to look after your health while you look after your child. All the best!

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