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What is strength training and why is it important?

Also known as weight or resistance training, strength training is a physical activity designed to improve muscular
fitness by exercising specific muscle group against external resistance including free weights,
weight machines or your own body weight. There are plenty of exercises for kids and sports for children that aid in strength training. The basic principle is to load and overload the
muscle so it needs to adapt and get stronger.

  1. It prevents the loss of lean mass that comes with ageing.
  2. It is also important for overall fitness and benefits people with all ages. Also keeps the weight
    off for good.
  3. Also it decreases the risk of sports injury.
  4. It also improves cardiovascular problems including blood pressure.
  5. Example of muscle strengthening activities include lifting weights, using resistance bands,
    doing push ups, pull ups sit ups and some types of yoga. Even everyday activities like playing
    with kids and gardening can strengthen muscles.
    Supporting strength building with good nutrition is very important.

Check out the post workout recipe for Father`s day!

Energy dense Smoothie:

Beetroot- 15 gms
Plain yogurt- 2 tbsp
Sattu flour- 2 tbsp
Banana – 1 small
Flaxseeds- 1 tsp

Place all ingredients in blender and pulse until smooth for 1-2 minutes. Serve immediately.

Author: Shruti Gupta (Nutritional therapist / Dietician)

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