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From early childhood to maturation, a child goes through several stages of physical development. Enabling a child’s growing years with inclusive physical literacy for a holistic development.


  • Research, Develop and Deliver with age-specific routines
  • Improvise with regular feedback 
  • Work with qualified people who are passionate about their work.
  • Ensure SAFETY of every child. 
  • Align to every child’s needs and their unique learning levels and skills. 
A happy bunch of kids after fitness sessions with upUgo - Outdoor Fitness Sessions for Children

My personal commitment

To all our stakeholders. I am here to dedicate my life with best efforts towards building a future where through technology, every child in India and across the globe has access to top quality and affordable fitness solutions. Not only that, a future where every child makes physical well-being a daily habit. upugo.in aims to build that future, and we are just getting started.
Amit Gupta
CEO, Founder

Our Core Team

Amit Gupta - CEO upUgo - Fitness and Sports Programs For Children

Amit Gupta


Ram Kiran Ballal - Chief Growth Officer - upUgo - Fitness and Sports Training For Children

Ram Kiran Ballal

Chief Product Officer

Raji Vishwanandhan- upUgo

Raji Viswanathan

Chief People Officer

Vinod Kumar - Chief Technical Officer upUgo - - Fitness and Sports Training For Children

Vinod Kumar

Subject Matter Expert

Our Coaches

  • Qualified, young coaches with a sports background. 
  • Rigorously trained with our curriculum, soft skills and delivery methodology
  • Graded Induction into the system with constant monitoring and feedback
  • Prioritising skill development through continued education from specialists in varied fields such as sports science, fitness, mental fitness and motivational coaches.

Our Partners

Fitness Trainers and Coaches

Chritian Bosse

Olympic Athelete

Isha foundation - Yoga Program Partner at upUgo

Isha Foundation

IFAPT - Football Coaching Partner at upUgo


Soccer Academy

Connecting Trust NGO - Emotional Awareness & Wellness Partner at upUgo

Connecting NGO

Ranveet Ricky - Cricket Coach Partner at upUgo - Fitness and Sports Training For Children

Ravneet Ricky


Movementology Academy


PR Coverage

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