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Fitness Training & Sports for Kids


From early childhood to maturation, a child goes through several stages of physical development. Enabling a child’s growing years with inclusive physical literacy for a holistic development.


  • Research, Develop and Deliver with age-specific routines
  • Improvise with regular feedback 
  • Work with qualified people who are passionate about their work.
  • Ensure SAFETY of every child. 
  • Align to every child’s needs and their unique learning levels and skills. 
A happy bunch of kids after fitness sessions with upUgo - Outdoor Fitness Sessions for Children

My personal commitment

To all our stakeholders. I am here to dedicate my life with best efforts towards building a future where through technology, every child in India and across the globe has access to top quality and affordable fitness solutions. Not only that, a future where every child makes physical well-being a daily habit. upugo.in aims to build that future, and we are just getting started.
Amit Gupta
CEO, Founder

Our Core Team

Amit Gupta - CEO upUgo - Fitness and Sports Programs For Children

Amit Gupta


Ram Kiran Ballal - Chief Growth Officer - upUgo - Fitness and Sports Training For Children

Ram Kiran Ballal

Chief Product Officer

Raji Vishwanandhan- upUgo

Raji Viswanathan

Chief People Officer

Vinod Kumar - Chief Technical Officer upUgo - - Fitness and Sports Training For Children

Vinod Kumar

Subject Matter Expert

Our Partners

Fitness Trainers and Coaches

Chritian Bosse

Olympic Athelete

Isha foundation - Yoga Program Partner at upUgo

Isha Foundation

Movementology Academy


Connecting Trust NGO - Emotional Awareness & Wellness Partner at upUgo

Connecting NGO

St. Mary Public School

PR Coverage

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