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The Why

From early childhood to maturation, a child goes through several stages of physical development, which includes pre-puberty, puberty, post-puberty and maturation. Every child’s progressive education needs to be aided with physical literacy in order to build themselves holistically. This is the core purpose of our existence.

The How , The What
  • Research, Develop and Deliver with standardized and effective programs.
  • Seek regular feedback and improvise.
  • Hire, train, and deploy qualified fitness instructors who are passionate about their work.
  • Impart rigorous and continuous training to teach our methodical approach to our coaches.
  •  Pay attention to details such as aspects of communication, instructions and most importantly, SAFETY of your child (as wrong form can lead to injuries). At upUgo we know that every child is unique and have different progression levels and needs. That is why we emphasize on age appropriate programs and methods of delivery.
upUgo Modules

Our Core Team


Amit Gupta - CEO upUgo


Chief Technical Officer
vinod kumar - upugo


Chief People Officer
Raji Vishwanandhan- upUgo

Ram Kiran

Chief Growth Officer

Our Trainers

Interview process : We have qualified young coaches who come with a sports background.
The company puts them through a 40 hour training program, which includes theory and practical assignments.

- Initiated to the subject of training children by International Olympic coach

-Soft skills training

-Practical training  


-Basic Mental fitness training

They work as interns, closely monitored by senior coaches for a duration of 3 weeks, and based on their reports they get drafted in as an upUgo coach.

The upUgo.in model works really well for good coaches. Most of them are hired on a part time basis, paid by the hour. The take home salary for these coaches invariably exceeds that of a full time coach.

We prioritise skill development programs. Every quarter we invite a specialist in sports or exercise science / nutrition / mental fitness or any other revelant field to conduct workshops for our coaches.

A coach always looks for career opportunities and growth. At upUgo.in, we address both of these.

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