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Getactayv: Your Personal Wellness Coach

Starting a workout at home can be challenging without the proper guidance. The array of information that we find on YouTube is often misleading or unsuitable for resolving our specific issues. Since everyone’s body looks different when exercising depending on their body type, the human eye is not always the best analyzer of perfect form. With the help of the cutting-edge technology of an A.I.-operated fitness coach, Getactyv has achieved both precision and cost-effectiveness.

What is Getactyv?

Getactyv is a virtual fitness coach that guides you through your exercises just like a human coach, with the help of artificial intelligence. If you are unable to find the right personal trainer who adapts to your clock or the time to hit the gym, Getactyv is for you. Experience the feel of a live lesson with a personal trainer at any time and any place, simply using your phone or laptop.

Intention Behind Creating Getactyv

Many people find it difficult to motivate themselves to work towards their health, and much more so to remain consistent once they begin. Getacyv has been designed to make fitness a reality for people from diverse backgrounds with varying needs. Curated under the guidance of experienced fitness professionals of upUgo, Getacyv attempts to democratize people’s access to personal training by offering lessons at minimal prices. With the help of our A.I. coach, you can achieve your wellness goals without stepping out of your comfort zone or worrying if you are doing your exercises wrong.

Why Should You Choose Getactyv?

1. Avoid Injuries from Incorrect Training

Training without supervision can be tricky as you can easily injure yourself or incur long-term health problems due to incorrect execution of exercises. Getactyv will guide you through your workout and provide verbal feedback on how you can improve your form in real-time. Its high precision enables it to detect subtle errors in posture that a human coach may miss. Performing your exercises correctly will boost your efficiency and help you attain your wellness goals faster.

2. Meet Diverse Needs at Affordable Prices

You can use Getactyv for meeting any wellness goal — be it losing weight, getting better at your sport, or simply introducing yoga into your daily routine. You can choose from a range of specially curated exercises that best suits your goal. You will not require any expensive gadgets or training equipment to use Getactyv. A Getacyv subscription will cost you merely around four percent of an average monthly gym plan in India.

3. Tailored to Suit New Realities

The dynamic nature of our lives necessitates adapting our workout routines to the changing circumstances. Since Getactyv is portable and can be used whenever and wherever you choose, you can reach your wellness goals like never before. With Getactyv you would no longer need to skip exercising when traveling or at work. Getactyv also supports game-based workouts, which will simultaneously help you remain physically active and delight the child inside you!

4. Carry your Fitness Coach with You
While carrying your gym with you is impossible, our A.I. fitness coach will easily fit in your backpack or jean pocket. 

5. Track Your Progress

You will be able to monitor the number of calories you burn during every session and also access information regarding the quality of your performance. This will make it much easier for you to track your progress and transformation.

6. Maintain Your Privacy

Our A.I. tool solely uses your smartphone or laptop camera to track your performance in real time. We value your privacy, and none of the sessions are recorded or can be viewed by anyone. You can train from the comfort of your home, saving the time you would have to invest into getting dressed or commuting to the gym.

7. Bridges the Gap Between the Physical and the Mental

Achieving complete well-being is possible only when we focus on both our physical and mental health. Getactyv was created with the intention of assisting those who suffer from depression, public anxiety, or body image issues. If you struggle to train in community spaces because of your inhibitions, Getacyv may make you feel more at ease. Since it requires no interaction with a human being, you will be able to work towards your fitness goals, without worrying about the judgment or approval of anyone.

How to use Getactyv?

Fitness routines can truly transform your life for the better. Our A.I. coach Getactyv facilitates full-body training and challenges and pushes you to achieve your goals and beyond. Whether you are a school student, a full-time employee, or a retiree— Getacyv’s user-friendly interface will quickly become your best fitness companion. Above all, maintaining your health will become more accessible, affordable, and amusing with our A.I. fitness trainer. 

Visit our website now, to experience a 30-day free trial at https://getactyv.com/ (no credit or debit card details required). Place your device at knee level and select the exercise you wish to try. Getactyv will help you transform your training sessions like never before. For any queries, please reach out to us through our email enquiry@getactyv.com.

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