Dribble Like a Pro

Gain better control over the ball and score goals faster with our football specific fitness program

Why should you sign up your kids for upUgo’s Football Pro-Fitness Program?

Don’t let your child just stop at kicking the ball with power, equip them with what it takes to become an expert footballer

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Benefits of upUgo’s Football Pro-Fitness Program for kids

Become a smart footballer – Make sharper decisions on the pitch, minimize energy expenditure and maximize results.

Explosive speed training

Increase strength that helps you jump higher and run faster with the ball

Powerful striking techniques

Kick the ball with lightning speed and beat the goalkeeper

Movement stability

Improve your instincts, gain better control of the ball and pass with accuracy

Spatial awareness

Utilize the entire pitch to your advantage and sharpen your judgement

Periodic assessments

Learn about areas of improvement and stay laser focused on your performance

Injury prevention

Dedicated experts impart knowledge on the right techniques and posture to avoid injuries

Unlock the secret behind your child becoming an ace footballer. Sign up for our Football Pro-Fitness Program

See why parents and kids love upUgo’s fitness sessions

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Make fitness an integral part of your child’s journey and help them advance their game of football

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