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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


We have two programs for the children to enroll:

1) Toddler fun and fitness for ages 18 months to 60 months.

2) upUgo has another set of programs for specific age groups (ages 4 to 17 or kindergarten to 12th grader children). Details are given at the link: https://upugo.in/modules/


upUgo coaches undergo a rigorous training schedule by internationally renowned master coaches. upUgo also conducts regular training programs for our coaches to continually upgrade their skills in all areas of relevance. Further details of upUgo coaches can be accessed at the link: https://upugo.in/about-us/

upUgo is proud to work with Mr Christian Bosse, strength & conditioning expert, who has trained Olympic medalists, and World Champions for 2 decades. He trains our coaches periodically and helps in upgrading their fitness training skills.

upUgo conducts its fitness training in societies, schools, and digitally/online where kids from all over the city and from all over the country join. upUgo sends a link to their clients for their age-appropriate training sessions and the children join the fitness sessions by simply clicking the given link.

upUgo brings fitness training to your doorstep. The training is conducted at your apartment/villa complex society. Training classes are held in the open (grounds or space available outdoors).

Since upUgo is aware that many school age children are attending online schooling, we are conducting sessions convenient to the them and the parents.

upUgo conducts training classes typically before and after school hours, and at different times on weekends. For further details, please contact upUgo at contactus@upugo.in. Classes are usually conducted 2 and 3 times a week. Plans are also available at reduced frequency (once a week).


upUgo offers 5 different plans for specific age groups (ages 4 to 17 or kindergarten to 12th grader children).

upUgo offers free  demo classes so that prospective clients may experience the training sessions. Please contact us at: contactus@upugo.in.

upUgo offers individual classes to those who need. Please contact us at: contactus@upugo.in, with details of your child.

There is no membership fee to join. upUgo offers programs for different periods of time for children. Please contact upUgo at contactus@upugo.in for prices for your location and specific needs.

upUgo offers plans on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis, as needed by the client.


upUgo offers free demo classes, after which children are typically enrolled for a month or more, as needed by the parent/child. The minimum period for enrolment is one month, and during this time, no refunds will be given for breaking the contract. After a month, cancellation is possible, but payment has to be made for the months during which training is received and the whole month during which cancellation is done.

Yes! You absolutely can. However, for specifics on the plan transfer, please contact upUgo at contactus@upugo.in


Yes! upUgo has a “Bring a Friend” policy that allows guests if your child would like to bring a friend (another child). Please inform upUgo in advance, so that the coach is aware. There is no charge for attending a class by a guest, but the coach may collect information about the guest for contact later. However, the same guest may not be invited more than once.

upUgo’s “Bring a Friend” guest policy allows child participants to bring in guests, but prior intimation and agreement is needed, in order to ensure upUgo’s convenience.

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