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The right words and thoughts develop a good fitness routine for kids

As parents and elders, staying in sync with Gen Z’s train of thoughts can be tough. Generations are shaped by the behavioural characteristics of their parents, which is why clubbing the older generations and gen Z together is a mistake.  

Millennials and the previous generation were not compelled to live in a competitive world as the Gen z’s. In the past, the motto was to be happy, stay happy, and be satisfied doing what you love. However, the youngsters now thrive on creativity and innovation, where the driving force is never to upgrade an existing product, but to build. Given how socially aware and concerned Generation Z is, individuals seek jobs that provide opportunities to contribute, create, lead and learn.  

With these insights, fitness plays an important role in their lives, especially when we talk about physical fitness for kids. For such functioning of the mind and body, child health and nutrition in India is a topic of importance for Indian parents. This blog is much more than fitness. It is about the power of words that children form their first identity from. Whether we’re looking at sports for toddlers or football training for kids, the right words can develop into clear thoughts with a good fitness routine.  

Every child from the age of 3 to 16 acquires characteristics imposed by family members living in the same house. So it is important to pay attention to what we speak, what we do, and what we teach when interacting with kids.  

For instance, a grandparent commenting on their grandchild’s weight may come from a place of love and care, but could be perceived as a personal attack by the child and can lead to loss of confidence.  Instead, as elders and parents, we must use encouraging words and be their partners throughout their fitness journey. With a strong foundation in emotional well-being, physical fitness training for kids can help young children and teenagers develop a healthy, confident outlook towards life.  



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