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    Getactayv: Your Personal Wellness Coach

    Starting a workout at home can be challenging without the proper guidance. The array of information that we find on YouTube is often misleading or unsuitable for resolving our specific issues. Since everyone’s body looks different when exercising depending on their body type, the human eye is not always the best analyzer of perfect form.…

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    5 Ways to Deal with Your Child’s Body Dysmorphia

    Body dysmorphia or BDD refers to the condition where a person obsessively focuses on what they deem to be the ‘flaws’ in their appearance. Today, as people’s lives get increasingly entwined with social media, they constantly compare their bodies with picture-perfect idols on Instagram that are mostly achieved through filters and photoshop. As a parent,…

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    The Exercise-Study Balance: Ways to Make it Exam-Friendly

    Children frequently find it challenging to divide their time during exam season so they can fit in both study and exercise. While engaging in strenuous workout routines may leave them exhausted and sleepy, skipping exercise altogether prevents them from reaping its many benefits during this stressful period. Here are some ways in which you can…

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    How to Make Use of Kids Nap Time

    For mothers – stay-at-home moms, new mothers, work from home ones or any other kind – the most luxurious part of the day for them is, some “me time”. After a routine day of cooking, cleaning, tidying the home, helping kids with homework, meeting little ones’ daily needs, catering to elders, etc., leaves them very little time for anything leave…

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    6 Ways To Sneak In Physical Fitness Activities Into Your Child’s Day

    As a parent, you can easily incorporate fitness exercises for kids throughout the day without having to go on a run or do push-ups. No sweat! Physical activity does not have to be completed in a school P.E. class, nor on the playground, nor even at the gym pumping iron. Parents can help kids stay…

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    Benefits of short duration exercises for children

    While the benefits of exercise for children and adults are well-known, the duration and the type of daily exercise is not widely discussed. Well-known studies recommend 1 hour of moderate to strong daily exercise for children and adults. It also happens that for many children, sparing even 1 hour of time for physical activity becomes…

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    When Boredom Strikes – 4 Ways to Keep Kids Engaged And Active

    Most parents would like to see their kids occupied doing things that help them develop skills. But kids, on the other hand, might find themselves bored — especially when they are unoccupied, youngsters usually seek out the attention of their parents. Indeed, parents cannot be heroes all the time, attending to the needs of their…

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    Music, painting, dance, singing, theatre activities may seem like frivolous pursuits to Indian parents – far from being good ways of learning, strategizing , and acquiring new ideas.  It’s essential that children are exposed to and participate in a range of creative activities apart from their regular studies in their formative years. This will benefit…

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    There are a lot of narratives around parenting, filled with all kinds of dos and don’ts. Some hacks work while others just join the long list of “failed attempts”. In India, more often than not, the parenting credit goes to couples whose child gets an A+ in major subjects (maths and science) or to those…

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    Exercise or physical activity is a fundamental prerequisite for physical, mental and nutritional wellness, and plays a major role in a child’s cognitive and emotional development. Further, a good exercise routine is highly helpful in building physical strength and overall body coordination. Physical activity became extremely crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic when our lifestyles took…

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