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    5 ways to keep kids healthy and active

    One out of 10 children suffer from serious health conditions in India, including issues like obesity and diabetes, physical tiredness, unhealthy food cravings and the list goes on. It is important to develop a good healthy schedule for your child so they can grow up to become a healthy individual. A child’s upbringing will determine his/her…

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    Kids Nutrition- Paradox of Choices

    In today`s day and age we have lot more choices of food available for our children. But the food  that our children are having is not necessarily nutritious and helpful for their growth and  development. How can we establish a lifelong relationship with food that is positive, healthy and  sustainable?  1. Strike a healthy balance…

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    Improving Digestion for Children

    Psychological stress and depression can lead to consumption of highly palatable foods on which gut bacteria thrive. Stress can also change the composition of gut microbiome through release stress hormones. They cause gut inflammation and in turn lead to release of metabolites, toxins and neurohormones that can alter eating behaviour and mood. Modern practices such…

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