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    5 Ways To Keep A Healthy Check On Your Kids During Holidays

    Holiday seasons are all about gatherings, meetups, leisure routines and good food. For parents, this can be the time when they can drop their guards and let their kids enjoy the whole essence of festive days. However, there’s always a fear of extended habits that would bother almost all parents who take utmost care in…

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    5 Ways To Teach Kids The Importance Of Responsibility

    As a young mom working 5 days a week, it was often difficult for me to give my daughters the attention they needed. Children these days, due to lack of attention, get more involved with television, computers and mobile phones which decreases the amount of physical activity that kids require to stay healthy. To counter…

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    Digital Fitness Tracker For Kids: Advantages & Disadvantages

    What are the pros and cons of buying a fitness tracker for your child? This is an especially pertinent question when parents more than ever are using the devices to measure whether or not their kids are getting enough exercise, with fitness for kids in India becoming a more mainstream facet of a child’s daily…

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    The Right Choice: Tips To Help Kids Develop Decision-Making Skills

    Making decisions in life for kids is as simple or tough as it is for adults. The only difference is the ample experience adulthood gives us in facing the consequences of the choices we make.   Now to break down the act of decision making for children, it can be as simple as choosing the colour of their paintings or choosing what sports they’d like to play.   Here are a…

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    What is holding back Indian kids from playing sports?

    Recently, when Bollywood actor R Madhavan and his wife Sarita decided to move to Abu Dhabi for their son Vedaant’s swimming training, it was popular news on several media platforms. Vedaant desired to represent India at the Olympics, and his parents believed in and supported his aspirations, something that’s quite unconventional among Indian families.    Although enrolling kids in all kinds of extracurricular activities after school hours has become a trend in recent years, academic performance still takes center stage for most parents. Getting involved in regular physical activity can…

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    Getting your kids helping in the kitchen is a great way to communicate and teach the virtues of doing things together. When my daughters were young, they were great company to me while I was busy in my kitchen cooking for the family, and get-togethers. While the younger one would sit on the kitchen counter and observe,…

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    Physical Fitness & All-Round Development in Kids

    Holistic fitness is a direct approach to maintaining mental, spiritual and physical fitness, incorporating nutrition and mindfulness to achieve an overall sense of wellbeing.  Physical fitness for children is not solely to burn calories, but helps in mental well-being and nutrition.   ‘Holistic’ basically means looking at something as a ‘whole’. In the world of fitness, it means being conscious of good…

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    Fitness and sports are often clubbed together, with most parents not really knowing the importance of both in their child’s development as a healthy human being. In addition to improving physical health, fitness programs for teens and kids can help improve various facets of mental, emotional, and social health.  A better fitness lifestyle can do wonders in enhancing a child’s performance in…

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    Building the Right Posture in Kids

    “Bad posture can lead to increased strain on the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones,” says Dr Redman. “As a child is growing, bad posture can lead to abnormal positioning, abnormal growth of the spine and, ultimately, increased arthritis later in life.” Think of the times when children were burdened to carry school bags with heavy books. Many children…

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    5 ways to keep kids healthy and active

    One out of 10 children suffer from serious health conditions in India, including issues like obesity and diabetes, physical tiredness, unhealthy food cravings, and the list goes on. It is important to develop a good healthy schedule for your child so they can grow up to become a healthy individual. Healthy habits will help them…

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