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Music, painting, dance, singing, theatre activities may seem like frivolous pursuits to Indian parents – far from being good ways of learning, strategizing , and acquiring new ideas.  It’s essential that children are exposed to and participate in a range of creative activities apart from their regular studies in their formative years. This will benefit them immensely in their mental and emotional development. Creativity is developed when kids engage in extra-curricular activities that encourage them to think out of the box, giving them the skills to see things from new perspectives and hone their critical thinking.  Let’s list out some activities that go beyond academics for kids to engage in, explore and benefit from: 


The art of music – be it singing, or playing an instrument – not only refreshes the soul but also helps to improve eye-hand coordination which further enhances a child’s motor skills. Most importantly, it soothes the mind of the performer. It has been seen that music performances increase the confidence of a child, thus inculcating a very important life skill.   


Theatre is the perfect way for children to build confidence, concentration, and communication skills. Kids who engage in acting and drama are known to have better social skills and perform well in teamwork activities.  

Painting /art/craft

Children get to understand the world through art. Experimenting and exploring colours, textures, and hues improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The time kids spend on artistic work is a time of imaginative indulgence and a way to express how they see the world. Various studies have shown that art and craft activities have positive effects on the emotional well-being of kids. 


A great high-energy activity that effectively de-stresses youngsters, participating in dance classes can be the best exercise for kids. Dancing keeps them active and helps them develop good posture. This full-body involvement is a good way to build core strength and various dance forms teach kids adaptability. Dancing requires physical and mental alertness which if practiced regularly can improve sensory coordination. 

Games and play

Kids learn a lot through playing games. Games like lock and key, hopscotch, running, and catching play a major role in helping kids learn and develop communication, coordination, leadership skills and most importantly the ability to adapt. Active and regular play time gives them exposure to participate in local, national or even international sports competitions and events, Giving their self-confidence and independent management skills a major boost. 

To conclude, learning is an ongoing process that cannot be curtailed to the four walls of the classroom.  Expose your children to off-beat learning opportunities that can be as simple as handling daily mundane chores, playground interactions with peers and playmates, family and friends’ get-togethers, skill development camps and more. Enroll your child in upUgo’s  online fitness programs for kids, specially designed for the overall development of your little one. 

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