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    Protectionist approach of parents and its impact on children

    The bond of mother and father with their child is very unique and compassionate it has different beautiful colors which defines the growth of child heading towards his /her youth and one day became an adult. There are different approaches of parents they opt during the upbringing of their child some are inbound and most…

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    What is strength training and why is it important?

    Also known as weight or resistance training, strength training is a physical activity designed to improve muscularfitness by exercising specific muscle group against external resistance including free weights,weight machines or your own body weight. There are plenty of exercises for kids and sports for children that aid in strength training. The basic principle is to…

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    We all want A SMART Kid. Which kind though?

    When you type in Google Search “Indian Parents” the result you get will leave all parents, including me, in a state of shock and an instant spiral of reflection. Are we as Indian parent doing such a bad job of parenting by pushing our child to be SMART. Well let’s take a look at some…

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    Fitness for Young Beginner Athletes

    A fitness for kids scheme to prepare your child to reach the top! Start! Make a beginning. Maybe you think you’re not going to be a superstar athlete. But you can still set a big fitness goal for yourself, even if you’ve never tried a sport before: It could be a long bike ride, several…

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    Resistance Training for Children – Benefits Vs Risks

    Resistance or strength training for children is often riddled with misconceptions. It’s not uncommon to hear parents ask if resistance training stunts growth in children or makes them prone to injury risks. So lets dive into this topic a little deeper so that we can weigh the benefits and risks, if there are any. To…

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    Kids Nutrition- Paradox of Choices

    In today`s day and age we have lot more choices of food available for our children. But the food  that our children are having is not necessarily nutritious and helpful for their growth and  development. How can we establish a lifelong relationship with food that is positive, healthy and  sustainable?  1. Strike a healthy balance…

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    Improving Digestion for Children

    Psychological stress and depression can lead to consumption of highly palatable foods on which gut bacteria thrive. Stress can also change the composition of gut microbiome through release stress hormones. They cause gut inflammation and in turn lead to release of metabolites, toxins and neurohormones that can alter eating behaviour and mood. Modern practices such…

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    The importance of Paediatric Sports Science ” Play is the highest form of research “ – Albert Einstein The importance of playtime for children can never be emphasized enough, the far-reaching benefits of sports and physical exercise have been well documented by sports and exercise science specialists. The exact number of children who play, exercise…

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    What does it mean and how is it relevant in sport? Up until the start of this century, the term physical literacy was occasionally used but never given much thought in terms of its meaning to the complete experience of human life. Until 2001 it was defined as having the physical competence and also about…

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    GROWTH vs MATURATION for Children

    Growth and maturation is a common terminology we come across when it comes to sports training for children or athletics and children fitness. But do both these terms mean the same or are they different, and why is it such an important component to be understood in the process of training children for fitness and…

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