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5 Ways To Teach Kids The Importance Of Responsibility

As a young mom working 5 days a week, it was often difficult for me to give my daughters the attention they needed. Children these days, due to lack of attention, get more involved with television, computers and mobile phones which decreases the amount of physical activity that kids require to stay healthy.

To counter this modern-day menace, I started involving my kids in helping me with simple things like setting the table, arranging flowers in the vase, taking out the trash and also got them enrolled in a number of physical activities, with sports classes for children in India being not as popular at the time. As time went by, they got involved in more and more chores, and their regular physical activity also increased while developing a sense of responsibility and pride in doing the work assigned to them.

Here are five ways through which kids can grow into independent, mature adults while learning a sense of responsibility:

1. Decluttering:

This helps kids to learn better organising skills. Ask children to sort their shoes, toys, clothes and arrange them neatly. Making their beds, folding clothes, cleaning out the trash are some daily activities that go a long way in teaching them how to manage and look after their living spaces. Learning these little things helps a lot to live life independently.

2. Tidying Up The Study Room:

Always encourage kids to keep their study tables, books and bags neatly, so that they feel fresh and enthusiastic every time they go to study. A clean study room gives a very positive aura for learning.

3. Grocery Shopping:

Children can participate in choosing the vegetables and fruits that would they like to have. In this way, they will also learn about the junk and unhealthy food choices. They will also learn about marketing and managing money in this process.

4. Helping In The Kitchen:

Children generally love to be part of cooking as there is a lot to learn in the kitchen. Direct their enthusiasm and introduce them to typical ingredients used in different regional cuisines, and their specific uses. They will enjoy learning about cooking apparatus and their function.

5. Practicing Sports And Fitness:

Children who get involved in extracurricular activities like sports and fitness have better concentration and a healthier outlook towards life. Regular exercise and sports enable healthy weight management and other physical as well as mental health benefits. Parents should motivate kids to join different programs that provide meditation, yoga, aerobics, sports classes for children in India.

There’s no doubt that a healthy lifestyle plays an important role in helping children grow, both in terms of physical and emotional well-being. UpUgo’s fitness programs for children in India are crafted by expert coaches to get your kids started on their fitness journey with fun exercises, sports training, workout routines and weight loss programs.

– Raji Viswanadhan, Co-founder & CPO of upUgo

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