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The Right Choice: Tips To Help Kids Develop Decision-Making Skills

Making decisions in life for kids is as simple or tough as it is for adults. The only difference is the ample experience adulthood gives us in facing the consequences of the choices we make.  

Now to break down the act of decision making for children, it can be as simple as choosing the colour of their paintings or choosing what sports they’d like to play.  

Here are a few steps to reach a better decision that you can teach your child:   

Journaling Thoughts

There’s plenty of research about how journaling can play a huge role in the development of healthy habits for kids. It can be as simple as writing down a few points about your healthy meal for the day, or a bit about your daily sports and fitness routine. Journaling should be taught to kids right from an early age, and can immensely improve their writing skills and the way they organise their thoughts.

Lead By Example

If your child is stuck in a situation, then what you need to do is talk them through with examples. Showing them practical ways to solve a problem will help them in the long run.   

Making Mistakes

Mistakes can be the most effective teachers in life. Children learn lessons that have the biggest impact through mistakes made through experience.  Teach them to learn from their mistakes and face every challenge that comes their way. 

Expose Kids To The Real World

Take time out and expose your child to the real world.  Although it’s important to provide them with a safe space and secure environment to grow up in, letting them make their own way in the world will help them hone their decision-making skills. It will also give them a sense of good and bad which eventually helps them in making a wise decision.  Children playing sports and engaging in other outdoor activities can get them out there in more ways than one. 

Encourage Kindness And Empathy

Teaching kindness and compassion to children is important for healthy emotional development in children. Well-rounded emotional well-being can even help children cope positively with the mental pressure of playing sports. 

Decision-making plays a significant role in fitness and sports for children, right from choosing their preferred game to figuring out the best techniques required to win at the sport they’re playing.  

UpUgo’s age-specific programs focus on fun-filled physical fitness sessions for kids, designed for the holistic development of children’s physical and mental health. Our trained coaches regularly assess your child’s development at every step.   

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