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Building the Right Posture in Kids

“Bad posture can lead to increased strain on the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones,” says Dr Redman. “As a child is growing, bad posture can lead to abnormal positioning, abnormal growth of the spine and, ultimately, increased arthritis later in life.”

Think of the times when children were burdened to carry school bags with heavy books. Many children have developed bad posture because of this. You can think that this is no more a problem, but the same issue repeats itself even today — children may not be carrying bags, but they sit all day in front of mobile and TV screens without good chairs or tables. Many parents might be concerned about their child’s health and nutrition in terms of their eating habits, but think very less about the importance of physical fitness for kids. 

The growth of children is continuous — they’re growing when they’re sleeping and even when they play. The current sedentary lifestyle and lack of fitness training for kids has an adverse impact on the optimal physical, mental and nutritional development of youngsters in recent times.  

Our sports and fitness programs for kids provide activities that help in keeping children physically and mentally fit. To begin with the basics, parents need to explain the 90-90-90 rule for good posture to children:  

The back and the thighs should form a 90-degree angle while sitting; knees should also be at a 90-degree angle, and the feet at a 90-degree angle.  

A for 

  1. Arm circles 
  1. Aeroplane pose 

B for 

  1. Bare crawl 
  1. Boat pose 

C for

  1. Calf raises 
  1. Child’s pose 

D for 

  1. Dance in place 
  1. Downward dog 

To know more about these exercises, enrol with us for fitness and sports programs for kids at Upugo. 

-Magaret Preethi Yesudass 

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