FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor

FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor

Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor FACOM 74A.JL9,FACOM 74A,JL9 - Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor: Bricolaje y herramientas.Vaso Mango Destor FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves,FACOM,74A,JL9,FACOM 74A,JL9 - Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor.

FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor
FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor


FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor

FACOM 74A.JL9 - Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor: Bricolaje y herramientas. Normas: NF ISO 2236, NF ISO 691, ISO 2236, ISO 691, DIN 3125, DIN ISO 691 . Dispone de un tamaño de 3.2 - 4 - 5 - 5.5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 mm . Juegos de llaves forjadas con tacos de destornillador tamaño métrico . Suministrado en estante de plástico o en caso . Prà sentación: Resultado telier sobre plástico o kit. . . .

FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor

It's Time to be Fit

Fitness & Sports Training Platform for Children

About The company

upUgo aims to provide Sports and Fitness for Children. Fitness training for kids is essential to ensure well-being and good health of children. We are making Fitness and Sports Accessible and Affordable across all socio-economic segments of our society. Working with Industry experts our focus is ensuring fitness for kids and young adults, sports training for young athletes and holistic development of "Gen Z" and "Gen Alpha"

NB: Gen Z and Alpha are people born after 2003.

No. of Children
Hours of Training



All our modules are designed based on LTAD ( Long Term Athlete Development ) . It focusses on a proactive approach that provides every child with an opportunity to reach his or her true potential through scientifically designed age appropriate programs. Our programs cover children in the age bracket of 2 to 15 years

Children and youth aged 5 – 17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily.


For Children

Athletic Drills

Practice the Athletic Drills to improve your Sport

Our Partners


Sitting member on the Netherlands Olympic Committee
Fitness Trainers and Coaches


Inspiration for upUgo's Yoga program


European Soccer Academy
upUgo Soccer


Event Partner


Our performance centre
Sports and Fitness for kids

Dr. Ashish

Mental Fitness Coach, Founder Happy+
Dr.Ashish Ambastha


BCCI Certified Level-2 Ranji Coach
upUgo Cricket Ravneet Ricky


Nutrition Expert
Shruti Gupta upUgo


" So My 10 year old joined upUgo when he had just recovered from a thumb and ankle injury and was generally lethargic. Within 15 days of his joining the class, I could see a visible change in his energy and stamina. Besides spening high-on-energy regiment, at the class, he was still able to do many more activities like playing cricket, homework. The coaches are engaging and fun and he looks forward to the excitement in every class. "
Neha Sureka upUgo Testimonial
Neha Sureka
Parent of Neev
" Thank god for upUgo. Not being a sporty parent, it was hard to get my children to engage with outdoor activities. Now, we rest assured that our children are training with experts and understanding their athletic interests. They sleep and rest so well after coming home. They are even continuing sessions during lock down! I highly recommend upUgo to all parents. "
Toshi Mathur upUgo Parent Review Testimonial
Toshi Mathur
In this technological world, where we struggle to keep our children active outdoors, UpuGo is a great choice. My children Sahasra and Agasthya enjoy their sessions. Appreciate the way the coaches go into minute details and make their sessions playful and interesting. My children truly love them. I see a huge change in my children’s endurance, flexibility and strength . We love Upugo..!!
Divya upUgo review
Divya Veena
upUgo App

upUgo’s mobile app to give U a seamless Onboarding and interaction for Ur child’s fitness journey. 

  • 2 Click Registration
  • Variety of programs to choose from [Physical and Online]
  • Child’s program tracking with attendance, scheduling, know your coach
  • Access to Videos/Images of exercises & much more
🌟 Register for Free Trial on upUgo App and get Exciting Vouchers

FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor

FACOM,74A,JL9,FACOM 74A,JL9 - Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor, Bricolaje y herramientas, Herramientas manuales y eléctricas, Herramientas manuales, Destornilladores, Llaves para tuercas

Change your child's Lifestyle

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FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor

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FACOM 74A.JL9 Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor
FACOM 74A,JL9 - Juego 9 Llaves Vaso Mango Destor: Bricolaje y herramientas.